Quynh Anh Le - Educational Adviser - MSc Management of Innovation

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Quynh Anh Le - Educational Adviser - MSc Management of Innovation

Since I first left home at the age of 18 and arrived in Singapore on my own, I have been to 35 countries and regions from Asia to Europe, enjoying both Western and Eastern educational experience.

Quynh Anh Le - Educational Adviser
Quynh Anh Le - Educational Adviser
Education background:

M.A., University of Nantes
B.B.A., Southern Cross University


From an introverted girl who had difficulty talking to strangers, after spending 7 years in Asian and European nations, together with invaluable experiences gained from multiple cultures, I have come to figure what I like to do, what I am capable of and in which field I can develop myself to the fullest.
I have worked for 3 years at Vietnam Intenational Education Development (Ministry of Education and Training), being in charge of reviewing cooperative programs between Vietnamese and foreign educational institutions. My entire career has been completely about educational research and development for Vietnamese students.

From the bottom of my heart, I sincerely wish students who are currently abroad would not encounter difficulties or loneliness like I experienced. To help students achieve successful application to an ideal school in the desired major with a scholarship is just the beginning. To support students continuously throughout their academic journey and providing up-to-date information on employment, healthcare and vocational guidance is a much more painstaking responsibility that requires greater dedication and vision. For education, there is no place for short-term mindset.

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