Welcome to Capstone Vietnam! I am delighted that you are considering us for your education and training needs. Capstone Vietnam is a human resource development company that offers education and training solutions in the areas of institutional services, overseas study services, skills training, English language testing, and the sale of education products.

Capstone Vietnam’s first higher education and private sector clients in March 2010 were The University of Chicago and Hobsons, a premier provider of innovative technology and integrated marketing solutions for education professionals, respectively. In the last years, we have grown quickly but prudently.

Capstone is defined as a “high point” or “crowning achievement.” It’s the best that an individual or organization can achieve, and the inspiration for our slogan Reaching New Heights. We at Capstone Vietnam are dedicated to enabling our clients do just that, be it through institutional services, overseas study, skills training, English testing or other education and training activities.

Vietnam’s greatest resource is its people – hard working, motivated, always on the move and in search of ways to enrich their lives and enhance their marketability through education and training. Every individual has enormous reserves of untapped potential and undiscovered talents. Our mission is to help our clients “reach new heights,” tap that potential, reveal those hidden talents and make a meaningful and lasting difference in the lives of individuals, organizations and society. Our ultimate goal is to do well and do good.

Should you have any questions, need additional information, or have an interest in any of our services, please contact me or one of my staff. If you would like some information about me, please follow this link to a biographical sketch


Mark A. Ashwill, Ph.D.

Managing Director



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