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[NAMEALT] 01/11/2023

Why is Indian Springs School One of the Top 50 Boarding Schools in America?

On campus, we celebrate Learning through Living, which underscores our belief that students learn more, are more engaged, and are happier when they can be as hands-on with their learning ...

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[NAMEALT] 24/10/2023

Unlocking Excellence: Shoreland Lutheran High School - Where Faith and Education Meet

Shoreland Lutheran High School consistently ranks as one of the best high schools in Wisconsin. In a recent parent survey, over 90% of parents agreed that Shoreland has caring teachers ...

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[NAMEALT] 24/10/2023

Shoreland Lutheran High School - Where We Educate, Equip, and Encourage While Giving You an Experience You Won’t Forget!

In pursuit of this mission, we have set a vision to become the premier school located between Milwaukee and Chicago, with a goal of maximizing enrollment to 500 students while ...

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[NAMEALT] 11/10/2023

INFO SESSION: OHIO UNIVERSITY - It’s not just for four years — it’s forever

An ideal option for students seeking a quality US university experience, Ohio University offers an exceptional opportunity for affordable academic pursuits, research, and on-campus employment. Immerse yourself in a diverse ...

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[NAMEALT] 19/02/2022

Spring 2022 StudyGlobal Education Virtual Fairs - New Journey

Start your New Journey by joining us in one of our signature study abroad events organized virtually this March and explore scholarship opportunities up to 100%. Many quality educational institutions ...

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[NAMEALT] 14/09/2021

Fall 2021 Studyglobal Education Virtual Fairs: Ride The Wave Of Global Recovery

Planning to study abroad in 2022 but not sure about the many changes in the policies of the post-pandemic era? Don’t worry because hundreds of educational institutions around the world ...

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[NAMEALT] 20/03/2021

April 11th Virtual Boarding School Fair (Vietnam) - A Golden Opportunity to Make Your Study Abroad Dream a Reality

Interested in attending a boarding school fair? You might not be able to travel to visit your best-fit school, but our school fair will allow you to make the connections you ...

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[NAMEALT] 14/01/2021

SPRING 2021 Education Flex-Fairs in Viet Nam: A Key to Your Future

This April, Capstone Vietnam, a full-service educational consulting company founded in 2009, cordially welcomes students and parents to our upcoming Global Education Flex-Fairs, including secondary (boarding and day schools) and ...

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[NAMEALT] 08/01/2021

West Nottingham Academy - Premiere Private High School Education in the United States

West Nottingham Academy, top boarding school in the US, ranked A+ with STEM and art programs – Preparation for the Top colleges....

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[NAMEALT] 21/12/2020

Achieve your full potential at ANNIE WRIGHT SCHOOLS - # 1 Best Boarding High Schools in Washington

Founded in 1884, Annie Wright Schools offer single-gender education with day and boarding for Grades 9-12 in our separate Upper School for Boys and Upper School for Girls. While academic ...

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