Fall 2021 Studyglobal Education Virtual Fairs: Ride The Wave Of Global Recovery

Director: General information General information Fall 2021 Studyglobal Education Virtual Fairs: Ride The Wave Of Global Recovery

Fall 2021 Studyglobal Education Virtual Fairs: Ride The Wave Of Global Recovery

Planning to study abroad in 2022 but not sure about the many changes in the policies of the post-pandemic era? Don’t worry because hundreds of educational institutions around the world have reopened their doors to welcome you, many with merit-based scholarships and financial aid opportunities!

It’s easy! The first step is to join our Fall 2021 StudyGlobal Education Fairs based on the theme of Riding the Wave of Global Recovery to get updated and receive the latest information.
In just ONE event, you will discover the experience of studying abroad in many countries, meet school representatives and learn about different high school, college, university, post-university programs, summer programs and English programs. In just ONE event, every question about overseas study will be answered. 

Fall 2021 Studyglobal Education Flex-Fairs  Ride The Wave Of Global Recovery
Fall 2021 Studyglobal Education Flex-Fairs Ride The Wave Of Global Recovery

Our fair series will take place as follows: 

  • Hanoi and vicinity: 3-7 p.m. on November 6th
  • Danang and vicinity: 4-8 p.m. on November 11th
  • Ho Chi Minh City and vicinity: 3-7 p.m. on November 13th
  • Nha Trang and vicinity: 3-7 p.m. on November 21st

Venue: Virtual (Capstone will send the link for each relevant registration)

We welcome middle school, high school, and college/university students, parents and everyone who wishes to learn more. Admission is free!

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The Covid-19 pandemic has interrupted many people’s plans to study overseas for the past two years. However, educational institutions in the major host countries are welcoming international students back to their communities, including with a COVID-19 vaccination, if necessary. They are focused on achieving their goal of ensuring the health and safety of their faculty, staff, and students.  
Governments have accelerated the implementation of mass vaccination programs. In the US, for example, international students are not required to be vaccinated before arrival. They only need to have a negative test result 72 hours before departure. Many schools are also actively giving students vaccines shortly after arrival to ensure their safety and that of their classmates and others. The good news is that most schools in the US and Canada have begun offering in-person classes.
Schools want and need international students for a host of reasons and many are prepared to offer scholarships and financial aid packages to lower the cost of attendance. 
There are still opportunities for post-graduation employment. In Canada, for example, the government announced that it will accept 1.2 million immigrants in the 2021-2023 period, a golden opportunity for international students in high demand fields to gain in-country professional experience and even emigrate if that’s their long-term goal.  

Fall 2021 Studyglobal Education Flex-Fairs  Ride The Wave Of Global Recovery
Fall 2021 Studyglobal Education Flex-Fairs Ride The Wave Of Global Recovery

Fair Highlights

  • Meet admission representatives from high schools, colleges, and universities from the US, Canada, UK, Australia, Ireland, etc.
  • Get the most accurate and updated information on the latest policies regarding studying abroad and immigration
  • Scholarship opportunities that are up to 100% of tuition
  • Advising sessions on how to choose your major and future
  • Create economical studying abroad plans with Capstone’s advising team
  • Guidance on completing profiles, applications and student visa documents
  • Submit applications directly to the institution representatives

Additional Activities

  • Experience-sharing session: Scholarship hunting tips, how to choose majors and adapt to the new environment

Attractive presents for participants:

  • CareerCoach voucher worth 4.000.000VND for a full career consultation service 
  • A voucher worth 2.000.000VCD for document translation service & 3.500.000VND Visa consultation service
  • A handy Capstone notebook
  • Free housing and airfare information 
  • Free advising service for applications to our 500+ partner institutions

(*) Conditions Apply

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No Schools Country
Colleges and Universities
1 Madison College USA
2 Elmhurst University USA
3 University of St. Thomas USA
4 University of Wisconsin - Stout USA
5 Stony Brook University - The State University of New York USA
6 Savannah College of Art and Design USA
7 Texas Tech University USA
8 College of Saint Benedict/Saint John's University USA
9 Binghamton University, SUNY USA
10 Truckee Meadows Community College USA
11 Arizona State University USA
12 St. John's University USA
13 Ohio University USA
14 Southern New Hampshire University USA
15 Midway University USA
16 Georgia State University USA
17 University at Buffalo, The State University of New York USA
18 Shoreline Community College USA
19 Pacific University Oregon USA
20 Valencia College USA
21 Saint Louis University USA
22 James Cook University  Australia and Singapore
23 University of Limerick Ireland
24 City University of Hong Kong Hong Kong
High Schools
1 Cardiff Sixth Form College UK
2 Annie Wright Schools USA
3 Chaminade College Preparatory School USA
4 North Country School USA
5 Maine Central Institute USA
6 Pickering College Canada
7 Appleby College Canada
8 St. John's-Ravenscourt School Canada
9 Luther College High School Canada
10 Rothesay Netherwood School Canada
11 St.John's-Kilmarnock School Canada
12 Auckland Grammar School New Zealand

Capstone Vietnam is a full-service educational consulting company co-founded in 2009 by Dr. Mark A. Ashwill, a US international educator and education entrepreneur who served as country director of the Institute of International Education-Vietnam from 2005-09. Dr. Ashwill was the first US American to be awarded a Fulbright Senior Specialist grant in 2003.
12+ years of experience.
 Partnerships with 500+ officially accredited and approved institutions in many countries (regionally accredited colleges and universities in the US, the gold standard of institutional accreditation) 

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