Fork Union Military Academy - Where Future Leaders Are Developed

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Fork Union Military Academy - Where Future Leaders Are Developed

Fork Union Military Academy is one of the top US college preparatory boarding military schools for boys in grades 7-12 and Postgraduate

The school is located in Fork Union, right in the heart of Virginia. As a military school, in addition to character development, self-discipline, responsibility, and leadership development, Fork Union stands out for its unique learning program when instead of studying many subjects in a semester, students focus on studying one subject to achieve the highest efficiency and concentration.

Fork Union Military Academy - Where Future Leaders Are Developed
Fork Union Military Academy - Where Future Leaders Are Developed

1. Academic program
Fork Union Military Academy offers a comprehensive college preparatory program for boys in grades 7 through 12, as well as a one-year postgraduate program for recent high school graduates seeking better preparation for college. Our goal is to see that 100% of our graduating seniors gain acceptance to the college or colleges of their choice, an expectation that is successfully achieved year in and year out.

  • The Upper School follows a unique curriculum plan known as the One Subject Plan:
  • Instead of juggling 4 to 6 classes every day or following a block schedule, our students take one core subject at a time.
  • The year is divided into five grading periods of about 7 weeks each.
  • Each grading period, the student takes one class with one teacher.
  • He remains with that one teacher throughout the entire school day, each day, for about 7 weeks.

The One Subject Plan enables the teacher to get to know each student as an individual, to understand each student’s learning style, and to give each student the attention and support needed for optimal learning to take place. The One Subject Plan enables the student to concentrate fully on that single subject in which they are completely immersed. There are no more nights of a student having to decide "should I do my math homework or my writing assignment first?" or jumping the mind back and forth between geometry and grammar.

Students also have the option of taking AP courses to save credit as they transition to college. The school offers AP classes with subjects in math, English, geography, biology, chemistry, physics, computer science, and more.

Fork Union Military Academy - Where Future Leaders Are Developed
Fork Union Military Academy - Where Future Leaders Are Developed

2. Cost and financial aid

The total cost of studying and living for a year at FUMA for international students is approximately $47,700 USD.Limited amounts of financial aid are available and may, in some circumstances, be awarded to international students. To be specific, the Trust Scholarship is a merit-based scholarship available to both international and domestic students. This scholarship will cover all costs including tuition, service fees and uniforms. More information about the Trust Scholarship is available online at:

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3. Study environment and faculty member

As a private school, FUMA's class sizes are small, averaging 12 students per class. In other words, teachers will spend a lot of time working, exchanging and helping with each individual student. The one-subject plan also helps teachers focus more when interacting with students on a daily basis, following the schedule closely as well as understanding student’s needs to the fullest.

The faculty of Fork Union Military Academy is well-experienced and deeply connected to the school and its mission. In fact, about 25% of our faculty are either alumni or the parents of alumni of Fork Union. The average tenure of our current faculty is 11 years of teaching at Fork Union Military Academy, with 10% of our teachers in their first year here and 20% of our teachers with 25 to 40-plus years of experience here on our faculty. About two-thirds of our faculty hold advanced degrees.

Fork Union Military Academy - Where Future Leaders Are Developed
Fork Union Military Academy - Where Future Leaders Are Developed

Our classrooms are equipped with appropriate technology such as digital projectors and smartboards to assist teachers in providing content using a variety of media and presentation styles. Each student is provided with a laptop to use for academic purposes. Most learning, however, still comes from direct personal interaction between teacher and student, and our whiteboards, notebooks, and pens remain our most-used learning tools. 

4. School activities

Fork Union Military Academy has achieved an international reputation in athletics, usually sending thirty to sixty athletes from our high school and postgraduate teams to NCAA Division I college programs on athletic scholarships each year.
We have three seasons of interscholastic sports at FUMA. In the fall, we offer multiple levels of football and soccer, as well as cross country. In the winter, we field multiple levels of basketball teams, along with swimming & diving, indoor track, and wrestling. Our spring sports include two levels of baseball and lacrosse, golf, tennis, and track & field.
In addition to sporting activities, FUMA also has a wide range of student clubs and organizations to ensure that students always find activities that match their personalities and interests. Some outstanding activities such as debate club, chess, fishing, international culture, musicals and paintings, sightseeing trips, skiing.

Fork Union Military Academy - Where Future Leaders Are Developed
Fork Union Military Academy - Where Future Leaders Are Developed

5. Become a cadet

The Academy's student body is organized as a Corps of Cadets led by cadet officers who serve as members of the battalion staff, as company commanders, platoon leaders, and in other leadership roles.
Fork Union Military Academy offers unique opportunities for young men to develop valuable leadership skills that will be used throughout their lives and also their transition to college.

6. Housing

Our cadets live in a central barracks or dormitory facility named Jacobson Hall. Opened in 2012, this modern, energy-efficient building is LEED-certified for its green construction and materials. 
The typical barracks room can house two cadets comfortably, although a limited number of single-occupancy rooms are available. Each room contains a bunk bed, desk space for two cadets, a telephone, television, clothing storage space, as well as an individual sink in each room.

7. Location

Fork Union Military Academy is in the village of Fork Union within Fluvanna County, Virginia–a rural part of Central Virginia found about halfway between the major cities of Richmond to the east and Charlottesville to the west, about a 45- to 60-minute drive from either city.
Those traveling to Fork Union Military Academy by air may fly into the major airports serving the greater Washington, DC, area including the Washington Dulles International Airport (IAD) and the Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport (DCA). These airports are each about 200 km (~120 miles) from the campus.
Virginia is also a prominent state with spectacular natural landscapes, moderate climate, and friendly environment for international students. This area is a great fit for students who enjoy outdoor activities such as hiking, camping, or participating in sports.

Fork Union Military Academy - Where Future Leaders Are Developed
Fork Union Military Academy - Where Future Leaders Are Developed

8. Application requirements

Our international population represents about 10% of our entire student body. We have recently had students attending from Bermuda, Bulgaria, Bolivia, Canada, China, Costa Rica, Egypt, Finland, Hungary, Iceland, Mexico, Mongolia, Nigeria, Poland, Russia, South Korea, and Vietnam.

  • All applicants should follow the admission process laid out on our website at
  • Applicants should complete the Application for Admission online at
  • International applicants must also submit a copy of their passport. 
  • Additionally, if English is your second language, is it strongly encouraged to submit an English standardized test score. We do not use minimum scores to eliminate students from the application pool.​
  • We accept TOEFL (TOEFL Code: 3588), the TOEFL Jr., or Duolingo English Test scores.
  • We also will accept the SSAT (SSAT code: 3207). 

Alumni Testimonials
"I honestly can say that much of my success is attributed to my time spent at the Academy. The relationships I formed while I was there will be ones that I continue to carry in both my personal life and professional career."

Fork Union Military Academy - Where Future Leaders Are Developed
Kevin Plank
Founder/CEO, Under Armour
FUMA Class of 1992

Short video of a Vietnamese student sharing about his learning experience at FUMA

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