Pickering College - Excellent Education at a Private Boarding School in Canada

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Pickering College - Excellent Education at a Private Boarding School in Canada

Pickering College is located 30 minutes (45 km) north of Toronto, Ontario, Canada, in the town of Newmarket, and is a 40-minute drive from Toronto’s Pearson International Airport.

Pickering College, founded in 1842, is a school with a long history and deep roots in the local and global community located on a beautiful 42-acre (17-hectare) campus in the heart of the Newmarket town.


Our unique approach includes educating and developing the “whole child” through a focus on academic excellence, co-curricular distinction, and character and leadership development. We pride ourselves on providing an individualized approach to learning. Classrooms are outfitted with SMART Boards, educational software, and wireless technology so that every student benefits from the innovation that technology brings to teaching. 

Friendly Experience and Supportive Environment 

Pickering College is located 30 minutes (45 km) north of Toronto, Ontario, Canada, in the town of Newmarket, and is a 40-minute drive from Toronto’s Pearson International Airport.


Pickering College is truly a special place for students from Canada and around the world (Boarding from Grade 7 to Grade 12) where our students and families tell us that they feel warmly welcomed and accepted from the first day that they arrive, where students come to make friendships that last a lifetime, and where they feel supported to pursue their dreams. There is orientation for the first week with a current student buddy to get used to boarding and our school in general.  Each student has an academic advisor whom they will see every day and is part of their academic circle of care.  In residence, students are part of a family and have support they can count on.


Paulina Cruz from Mexico has shared: “If you want to have once in a lifetime experience, Pickering College is the right place for you. If you want to keep something to remember, Pickering College is the right place. But most of all you will end up forming a family of great people, creating memories and you will always have something that was worthy and that will remain forever.”

At Pickering College we focus on the whole child. Students learn to excel, to develop character, to make friends, and prepare for future endeavours and opportunities. It’s their community, and the experiences they have at school shape them as they become citizens of the world.


Excelling in Education with Signature Programs
Our programs offer unique opportunities in academics, arts, athletics, leadership development, and community service.
Global Leadership Program, fully integrated from Junior Kindergarten to Grade 12, builds on our longstanding mission and community service-oriented approach to education. The Global Leadership Program prepares students with the skills needed to be innovative, entrepreneurial, globally-focused, and ready to tackle complex global issues. Pickering College is building future global leaders by providing a values-based education that helps students to develop the confidence, knowledge, skills, and social conscience to prepare them for university and for life.


STEM learning at Pickering College, or combined learning in Science, Technology Engineering, and Mathematics, provides students with an enriched curriculum and a deep interdisciplinary learning experience. Our program integrates thinking and technical approaches from the Arts and the Social Sciences as well. This approach links learning through all three divisions in our school, and benefits each of our students from JK through to Grade 12. Integrated into our academic programming, STEM learning at PC provides students with a wide variety of opportunities to connect skills and knowledge across academic disciplines, apply them to real-world contexts at the school, community and at the global level. They will become deep and adaptive thinkers as they innovate and collaborate in tackling the most pressing challenges facing our world. 


Explore the world beyond classes 
A Pickering College education provides our students with an exceptional learning environment that prepares them for future success with the following programs:
Co-curricular Program: Pickering College offers all students from Junior Kindergarten to Grade 12 challenging and meaningful learning opportunities through its Co-curricular Program. If students are to be successful in leading a balanced and purposeful life, they must explore and develop their skills and talents beyond the classroom. This unique program encourages students to participate in a variety of activities, including competitive athletics, recreational sports, fitness, diverse clubs, community outreach opportunities, plus art, music, and drama.



Outdoor Education Program: (JK-12) engages students in activities that enrich their curricular understanding, present a multitude of benefits from exploring and enjoying our natural heritage to inspiring them to be more active stewards of the environment. Through our access to the Blue & Silver Farm and a series of progressively more challenging off-campus trips and excursions, our program encourages intellectual, emotional, and social development, leadership, in addition to age-appropriate risk taking within a safe learning environment.



A variety of outings and activities is offered to boarding students throughout the school year. Blue & Silver Farm is home to our Outdoor Education Program, Pickering College students train at WaterStone Estate and Farms for our Equestrian Program. Our goal is to provide boarders with opportunities to experience Canadian culture, to develop new skills, to gain a greater understanding of the international community in which they live, and to become independent thinkers. 


Scholarship opportunities for international students

Each year, Pickering College supports families to help them meet the financial com-based scholarships and financial assistance based on need. Students with demonstrated academic performance and personal qualities and talents that will contribute positively to school life at Pickering College may receive a scholarship and financial aid up to $25,000 CAD.


We encourage you to explore and enjoy our website. The best way to truly learn about Pickering College is to visit us at the Capstone SPRING 2021 Education Flex-Fairs in Viet Nam: A Key to Your Future to get more information about the school, academic programs, and scholarships.

On Friday, 14/05/2021 from 7pm to 10pm, Ms. Susan Hundert, Admission Associate International Boarding, will have one-on-one meetings with students who are interested in learning more about Pickering College.



@Note: Students who want to join for a scholarship interview with Pickering College’s representative, please contact Capstone for more information to complete the application.

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