Scholarship Interview with International Admissions Director, Wisconsin Lutheran High School

Director: General information General information Scholarship Interview with International Admissions Director, Wisconsin Lutheran High School

Scholarship Interview with International Admissions Director, Wisconsin Lutheran High School

Wisconsin Lutheran High School, founded in 1903, is a private, co-ed 9-12 grades boarding and day high school, ranked A in and is rated 5 star at


We cordially invite you to register for an online interview with Mrs. Tamara Leyrer  - International Admissions Director on Friday 19 March 2021. It would be a great opportunity to learn about our school and scholarships. 


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Excellent location
Wisconsin Lutheran High School is located near Lake Michigan in Milwaukee, Wisconsin and is conveniently only 90 minutes from Chicago. The area has a wide variety of culture, including excellent museums, galleries, and theaters. 


State of art facilities
WLHS dormitory, Honey Creek Hall, is a safe, structured, and loving family environment. It is a three-story, suite-style dormitory. This residence hall, recently built in 2019, has modern safety features and separate floors for male students and female students with teacher supervisors who live on each floor. It takes less than two minutes to walk from the on-campus dormitory to the school building. 


Comprehensive education
Wisconsin Lutheran High School offers a comprehensive curriculum to help each student achieve his or her potential. WLHS offers over 140 different classes in STEM, English, practical arts, mathematics, business education, social studies, fine arts and other areas that will help students prepare for college. Students are able to choose from 20 AP and dual college credits. All credits earned will transfer with the students to whichever college or university they choose to attend after graduating from WLHS. 


Knowledgeable and inspiring instructors focused on helping each student achieve 21st-century skills and become a global leader. WLHS organizes 10 trips in the US and 6 overseas volunteering trips each year.


International students receive supportive guidance for success 
WLHS makes every International student feel welcomed the moment they get off the plane and equipped for the first day they step into the classroom. Beginning with an extensive, multi-day orientation, the new International student meets their American student mentor. American student mentors help their International student friend overcome one of the biggest challenges International Students face – cultural and language barriers. Each new International student has a mentor specially selected for them to help them through the orientation process and continue the friendship and guidance for their entire first years at WLHS. American mentors guide their International friend in understanding the culture, the new neighborhood they live in, the school systems, classes, clubs, sports, organizations and introduce them to other American students and friends. Through the friendship both American and International students grow in their intercultural communication skills and knowledge of other worldviews. 


Julian Minh Quan Vu, grade 12, 2nd year at WLHS shared about the mentorship program: "From the very beginning, the mentorship program at WLHS has always impressed me the most. Your mentor is not just your mentor, they will be your friends, teammates, and even family. When I first came here, my mentor introduced me to his friends. Then throughout the year, he guided me in the Robotics Team. During Thanksgiving, Spring break, and even summer, I met his family and lived with them. Just soon after, he and his family became my family too. So value your mentor, they can be much more than you can ever expect." 


Anh Quang Le , grade 12, 3rd year at WLHS. "The mentor-mentee activities were definitely a great help for me in finding friends and developing a bond with them. Being able to spend quality time with my mentor and his friends once every month was a valuable opportunity. Also, when we see each other in class we would say hi and discuss something about our day which is really fun too.” 
100% acceptance to top universities and colleges 
Many international student graduates accepted to USA top 50 or top 100 colleges such as New York University; University of Wisconsin, Madison; University of California, Davis; University of California, Santa Barbara; Purdue; Marquette University; University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign, Johns Hopkins, Columbia, 


Wide-Ranging Co-curricular Activities 
WLHS offer more than 45 clubs, competitive teams, volunteering organizations and leadership organizations, such as: basketball, volleyball, golf, soccer, dance, cheerleading, wrestling, soccer, baseball, softball, track and field, Futsal, 6 choirs, orchestra, many bands and ensembles, drama and theatre,


Leadership Training Academy, WWW volunteering organization for local, country, and international volunteering, math team, chess team, Robotics, Aquaponics, Steel pan drum band, Culture club, Kindness Club, Art Club, Drama Club, Peer tutoring, Global Leadership Team, Student Government, Investing funds organization, Esports and more. 


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