Why study in Australia?

Director: Study in Australia Study in Australia Why study in Australia?

Why study in Australia?

Australia has a lot to offer international students, including seven of the world’s top 100 universities, according to the 2013/14 QS World University Rankings. In addition to educational excellence, there are also three other key attributes which make studying in Australia an attraction option?

1. High quality universities in Australia & student support

Since international students contribute strongly to the economy of Australia, the government takes special interest in regulating the education sector, and the presence of many universities in Australia in the top 100 of the world rankings speaks highly of the government’s efforts to get student to study in Australia. That is more than enough for me to select Australia as a destination for study because even if a particular university is not ranked among the world’s best, there is a guarantee that it would strive to do so and never compromise on the quality of education. Furthermore, you can avail yourself of a lot of scholarship opportunities offered by the government and universities in Australia.

2. Diversity and multiculturalism

As vibrant as it is, Australia offers a fresh and different perspective in the education sector mainly because its dynamics are diverse. More so than Europe and North America, it has attracted a large number of Asian students that might give the world new leaders. Australia’s multiculturalism is for people like me a social paradise. Nothing can be better than finding people bringing different cultural, political and religious perspectives to the table.

Why study in Australia?
Why study in Australia?

3.Space to be innovative

Moreover, universities in Australia, just like any other university in the developed world, tend to promote practical learning. Students seemingly have a lot more personal space to improvise and can carry out their own projects that might turn out to be something very big. 

Having gathered all this information and made my choice, I am still currently miles away from Australia! Keep reading my posts here to find out what happens when I arrive in Melbourne to start my course at Monash University...

4.Post- graduation work in Australia

As highlighted earlier, a real benefit of studying in Australia for international students is the ability to stay and work in Australia after graduation. This option is available by applying for a 485 visa. This visa will allow the applicant (and his/her partner) to work in Australia up to four years, depending on the length of time spent studying in Australia and the course you completed. Full details of the 485 visa can be viewed at the website of the Australian Department of Immigration.

Key requirements to get a 485 visa to work in Australia include: having sufficient English skills, passing a health check and character assessment, and having adequate health insurance. A comprehensive list of accepted 485 visa health insurance policies can be compared here. Once a 485 visa has been issued, the holder can commence working full time. It’s common for international graduates to use job sites to search for suitable entrance-level jobs in Australia.

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