Don’t Defer Your Dreams! Start Online Today!

Director: Study in the USA Study in the USA Don’t Defer Your Dreams! Start Online Today!

Don’t Defer Your Dreams! Start Online Today!

Here at Shoreline Community College, Vietnamese students have always and continue to be an integral part of our international student body. In fact, Vietnamese students are the largest group in our High School Completion + Program and are among the top 5 out of 65 countries that send students to our college. Here at Shoreline, we strive to help Vietnamese students find a sense of community and a home on our beautiful Seattle-based Campus.

Don’t Defer Your Dreams! Start Online Today!

As one of the top 20 community colleges in the US for international student enrollment, Shoreline cares deeply about our international student’s safety, and have reimagined our classes and services specifically with international students in mind. We are doing everything we can right now to help ensure students still have options to safely pursue their dreams during the COVID-19 pandemic. At this point, for Winter Quarter 2021, that means most of our classes and student services have moved online and we are encouraging students to start online, and come to campus when it's safe to do so.
Luckily, Shoreline has had online course options for almost 20 years, which enables us to continue offering almost all of our programs in the virtual environment. As such, students can continue to take 2+2 University Transfer, ESL, High School Completion +, and most Professional/Technical programs from the comfort and safety of their own home. Popular majors include business, computer science, communications, engineering and psychology, among many others. Of course, we are most famous for helping students save money on the first 2 years of a bachelor’s degree and then helping them transfer to top U.S. universities like University of Washington, UCLA, UC Berkeley, NYU, Boston University, etc. Students can begin online and still successfully transfer to most universities after they complete their 2-year associate’s degree.  

Don’t Defer Your Dreams! Start Online Today!

Some of the services students can access if they study online include: free online tutoring, online academic advising, online university transfer fairs and academic seminars, online F-1 advising, online clubs/activities, live chat option on our website, virtual clubs clubs/fun activities, online communities, online graduation. Online students are also automatically considered for a $500 New International Student Scholarship.

Don’t Defer Your Dreams! Start Online Today!

Benefits of starting online:

  • Affordable: Save at least $10,000 USD per year on living expenses and health insurance by studying from home
  • Convenient: Can get started whether the Embassy is open or not
  • Certain: Transfer to top U.S. Universities, whether you take classes online or face-to-face
  • Flexible: Most of our classes are offered asynchronously so students can participate from any time zone and watch again if they have internet difficulty
  • Fun Join activities and networking opportunities to build a community

A current student’s thoughts about online classes:

“This is my first year in Shoreline. After I completed my first week of online classes in Shoreline, I can say that I thoroughly enjoyed the classes and the icebreakers. It was a genuinely eventful start and I loved it! All the teachers and students are all so friendly and willing to help. I am now in my 4th week and it is going super well. All my grades are at least 3.9 and I am satisfied with it. The teachers are super friendly and interactive.” - Gabriella (Ruby) Prasetyo

Once we resume face-to-face classes, students will benefit from our beautiful on-campus housing or our American Homestay options. Students often successfully apply for on-campus jobs and leadership opportunities across campus while they study here, such as academic tutoring, writing for our college newspaper, becoming an International Student Ambassador, International Student Leader or a Peer Activity Leader. Being located in the home of many Fortune 500 companies, including Microsoft, Amazon, Boeing and Starbucks, many Shoreline students also take advantage of the additional year of Optional Practical Training (OPT) internship they can pursue after completing their associate’s degree.

Don’t Defer Your Dreams! Start Online Today!
Don’t Defer Your Dreams! Start Online Today!

Though we have all had to change and adapt during this unprecedented year, please know Shoreline is still here to help our students succeed. We can’t wait to welcome students back to campus, but in the meantime, we are still here to help you accomplish your academic dreams!

Don’t Defer Your Dreams! Start Online Today!

For more information, please register here:

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Hanoi Office

2 Le Quy Don St., Hai Ba Trung Dist.

Tel: +8424 3938 8455

Hotline: +84936 701 696

Ho Chi Minh City Office

22 Tran Quy Khoach St., Tan Dinh Ward, Dist.1

Tel: +8428 3848 2628

Hotline: +84966 703 162


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