Tram Le - Office Manager

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Tram Le - Office Manager

“ Education plays an important role in shaping the future‘s child''. It was the answer that I heard when someone asked my boss: “How can you make a commitment to education for more than 20 years?” And I have also followed this ideal from that day on and until now.

Tram Le - Educational Adviser
Tram Le - Educational Adviser
Education Background:
B.A , University of Social Sciences and Humanities,The Faculty of English Linguistics and Literature.
12 years work experience in Education.


I have over 11 years of experience working as a consultant in education at foreign education companies and universities, guiding students to choose courses, programs and careers that suit their qualifications, finances and their hobbies. The most important thing that I realize when working in education is that the consultant needs to put their “heart” into it because whatever the outcome is, it comes from the start.

The happiness in my work is to see students satisfied with their right choice and thus leading to their future success. This work becomes more meaningful when we are experienced people, helping them to have more information about choosing a route and what is best for them because everyone understands the problem ” A miss is as good as a mile".


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