Scholarships 27,000 USD per year from University of St. Thomas

Director: General information General information Scholarships 27,000 USD per year from University of St. Thomas

Scholarships 27,000 USD per year from University of St. Thomas

Located in Minnesota, one of the most vibrant labor markets in the USA, the University of St. Thomas offers high quality education and valuable connections with professionals in many fields. A Bachelor degree from University of St. Thomas will help students prepare for higher education (Master’s degree or Ph.D. programs) or build a successful startup.


Scholarships 27,000 USD per year from University of St. Thomas
Scholarships 27,000 USD per year from University of St. Thomas

University of St. Thomas offers annual scholarship from $4,000 to $27,000 per year for international students, and many other scholarships for students studying business, engineering, mathematics, computer science, information science, neuroscience, and other popular majors.

The representative of University of St. Thomas will be at "Spring 2018 StudyUSA Higher Education Fairs", organized by Capstone Vietnam in March in many cities below:

  • HCMC: Sunday, March 11th at 1st floor, Lotus Room, Rex Hotel - 141 Nguyen Hue Street, Dist.1
  • Danang: Thursday, March 15th at Novotel Da Nang Premier Han River Hotel - 36 Bach Dang, Hai Chau Dist.
  • Hanoi: Saturday, March 17th at Pullman Hotel - 40 Cat Linh, Dong Da Dist.

Time: 3 p.m - 7p.m


Scholarships 27,000 USD per year from University of St. Thomas
Scholarships 27,000 USD per year from University of St. Thomas

A prestigious degree prepares for your future career

University of St. Thomas ranks #115 among the top universities in the United States (US News and World Report - national university rankings). Graduates of the school are valued by many leading corporations in the USA. With strengths in business, engineering, biology, communications, computer science, the University of St. Thomas offers comprehensive programs with small class size, as well as personal care and attention of the professors, so students can prepare for their careers in the future.
Mr. Tom Nimmo, Finance Director of Ultimarc Group, said, "We are very pleased with young candidates graduating from University of St. Thomas. So, why should we accept other candidates from another place?"

Ultimarc Group is a reputable marine engineering corporation headquartered in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Over the past eight years, the company has been recruiting graduates from the University of St. Thomas. Most of its leaders and staff here are alumni of University of St. Thomas.

Exciting student life

In addition to its outstanding academic programs, students at the University of St. Thomas have exciting weekend activities, including outdoor recreational activities, cultural events, sports and chances to explore the city. The school has an ideal location for international students to study and experience life.  

The University of St. Thomas is located in the center of Minneapolis next to the Mississippi River. River Road is always crowded with many activities such as walking, running or simply sunbathing. University of St. Thomas has a free shuttle bus for students to go from the St. Paul campus to its Minneapolis campus. Buses take 20 minutes each way, pick up students right outside the student lounge on Summit Avenue and continues to the Nicollet Mall, where there are many exciting places to eat and explore.

The Metro Green Line is easily accessible. Using trains is an inexpensive way to find all of the great attractions of the Twin Cities. The train station is just a few blocks north of the campus and the train goes both east and west to the downtown of Minneapolis and St. Paul.

Because of the convenient location and plentiful community activities, most students are very positive about their student life in St. Thomas. "The thing I like the most about St.Thomas is the opportunity to visit many coffee shops and restaurants in Minneapolis and St. Paul. You can always find something new on every street. This is a great way to relax with your friends after school", said Mark Shipman, a third-year student studying Operations and Supply Chain Management.

Sunita Dharod, a third-year student studying Justice and Peace Studies, said: "One of my favorite things about St. Thomas are the relaxing moments on school grounds. We lie on the ground and read books, do homework, or paint. I also love to bring lunch and to hang out with my friends".

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