scholarship opportunities

9 min ago

There are two types of financial aid. The first is need-based aid, which is given to a student whose family is unable to pay the entire tuition based on need. This is difficult for schools to calculate because of the paperwork involved. The second are scholarships which students earn because they are meritorious in one way or another. Scholarships are given for academic or testing excellence, athletic or artistic ability, or commitment to service. In addition, because many schools are anxious to have Vietnamese students, they will sometimes show preference to students from Vietnam when giving aid. Scholarships are limited so that is why it is imperative that you make the best impression on the interviewer.

9 min ago

Located in Minnesota, one of the most vibrant labor markets in the USA, the University of St. Thomas offers high quality education and valuable connections with professionals in many fields. A Bachelor degree from University of St. Thomas will help students prepare for higher education (Master’s degree or Ph.D. programs) or build a successful startup.


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